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9 preprostih in zabavnih aktivnosti za najmlajše


Africa Studio | Shutterstock

Theresa Civantos Barber - objavljeno 07/05/20

Imate vodo in nekaj preprostih pripomočkov? Potem lahko en, dva, tri pripravite kar nekaj aktivnosti, ob katerih se bodo vaši otroci zabavali

Naj bo slabo vreme ali karantena. Če ste z otroki v hiši, lahko stanje hitro postane neznosno, če nima vsak svoje zaposlitve. A kaj, ko je tako težko pritegniti pozornost otrok za dlje časa, risanke pa tudi niso primerna rešitev.


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5 domiselnih načinov, kako zaposliti otroke

Zbrali smo nekaj aktivnosti, pri katerih potrebujete povsem osnovne pripomočke in jih skoraj zagotovo imate doma. Otroci pa bodo nad njimi navdušeni.

Vodna postaja

Potrebujete malo večjo plastično posodo, pod katero pogrnete večji prt, vanjo pa zložite kozarce in posodice različnih oblik. V nekatere nalijete vodo, ki ji lahko po želji dodate nekaj jedilne barve. Še bolj zabavno bo, če bo barv več. Nato pa naj se prelivanje začne.

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💦POURING STATION💦 Thank goodness for the pouring station on days like today 😂 Swipe to see this activity over the years – ending with my sweet Sam, age 25 months in one of the first photos we ever posted to Instagram 😭 Pouring Station is legit – and it just doesn’t get old 🙌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In a storage container, add cups, bowls, scoops, funnel – whatever you have on hand… I promise it’ll work 🎉 This is my beloved storage container / sensory bin (a 41 qt bin from Target – I call it the “two buns bin” because it’s great for siblings) and my kids will play here on and off all day 💦 Here’s the 411 and some FAQ: yes, that’s just normal food coloring in the water and nope, it won’t stain 🙌🏻 It’s totally optional, but it’s diluted so much in the containers that it works for us 😉 I put a towel under this to catch drips and spills – you can also move this outside or to the bath tub 💦 Every now and then, I move all the cups out of the bin, tip it, and pour water back into the jars to “reset” the activity 👏🏻 Of course the water was totally a brown color by the end but the kids don’t care 🤣🤣 If you have questions about how my kids learned to play with set ups like this, I have an IGTV called “sensory bins 101” where I explain how I guide my kids in managing this type of play 👍🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Finally, the amount of learning going on here is amazing 👏🏻 This is how my kids have learned to pour and fill over the years, about capacity and volume, and how liquids behave 🤯 Today, Kate (5) figured out displacement 😱 This is hands-on learning at its finest 🎉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Keep the Pouring Station in your back pocket right now – it’s a gem to pull out when you need a moment to breathe ❤️ Again, check out that IGTV on Sensory Bins if these are new to you – I promise it’s doable 😘

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Lego kopel

Kopanje je odlična rešitev takrat, ko se nam zdi, da se čas nikamor ne premakne. V vodo dodajte lego kocke duplo in tako bo vaš otrok užival v čofotanju in sestavljanju hkrati.

Ustvarjalna postaja

Potrebujete škatlo iz kartona in najrazličnejši papir za reciklažo. Lahko je to reklamni papir, že uporabljen papir za zavijanje, … Otrokom potem (glede na starost) ponudite še škarje, lepilo, flomastre in ostale pripomočke, za katere veste, da jih lahko varno uporabljajo in naj začnejo ustvarjati svojo posebno škatlo.

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🌟CREATION STATION 🌟 aka what I set up for my kids this morning so they'd leave me alone for five seconds while I took down Christmas decorations 😱🎄Ok ok it was a tad longer than 5 seconds – 35 MINUTES they played here 💃🏻 and then kept bouncing back to it (I left this up all morning in the name of "The Rest of My House Looks This Messy so It Kind Of Blends In" 🤣 That was the alternative title of this activity but it seemed a tad wordy 😂 Anywho, here's what you are seeing: a bunch of "classy garbage" from my recycle bin 🙌🏻 Boxes, wrapping paper, tissue paper, etc etc etc 👏🏻I set this up with 3 sets of kid scissors, 3 wet glue bottles, and 3 glue sticks (because heaven forbid if we share this holiday season) 🤦🏻‍♀️ This was Matt's (age 3) first time trying wet glue – he was over the moon ‼️ He can't really use scissors yet but he tries and it's fabulous ✂️ Whenever I make a set up like this – I always call it a Creation Station because I had one of these in my Kindergarten classroom of yesteryear 😭 and it holds little attentions spans with such simple ease 👏🏻 Did you know "tinkering" (aka building and creating without direction) is a super important activity for kids and one that is highly regarded in the early childhood education community? 🤯 So while this may look like just a pile of garbage on my kitchen floor and a dynamite way to keep the kids busy over winter break…. 😂 it's also some much needed and amazing learning 😱 Go forth and do a little dumpster diving today for some classy garbage – it's a winner for everyone 🏆

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Igra z ledom

Pred začetkom te aktivnost morate seveda pripraviti dovolj ledu v zamrzovalniku. Potem pa potrebujete samo še dve posodi in zajemalko. V eno posodo nalijete vodo, v drugo stresete ledene kocke.

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⭐️ICE SCOOP⭐️ Anyone else need a little help making it to the weekend 🙋🏻‍♀️Just this girl🤷🏻‍♀️ This is a go to activity for us because kids and ice are like peas and carrots, moths to flames, Tom Hanks to Wilson (minus the tragic ending) 🏐 This is such an easy activity to set up especially if you regularly jam your ice maker like I do 🤣 OR you have left over ice from a party 🎉 *Do make sure to use best judgment and supervision with your kids and ice – you will know what they are ready for this* 👀 So I set up this activity with a bin inside a bin situation 👍🏻 Most of you have heard me make the turducken joke about this and I'm gonna stick with it 😂 Big bin (28 qt Sterilite from Target) with a smaller bin set inside of it. Turducken 🦃🦆🐥In the smaller bin, I put water. I dye my water blue with one whole drop of generic food coloring (doesn't stain because it's water based and so diluted) and I put all the ice in the other container💦 Kate's mission here is to transfer all the ice to the water using a slotted spoon ✨ “Ice Scoop" always keeps her so occupied and gives me a solid break from the never ending "…but why" questions of kid life 🤣 Then once she finishes, she transfers it back. This kind of meticulous task is perfect for holding her attention 🙌🏻Once she's "done" with scooping and transfering, she always asks me to remove the water bin, dump the water in with the ice, and then she adds something classy like Paw Patrollers to the bin & does an arctic pup rescue or something 🐶🚨 She just kind of takes the water and ice idea and runs with it 🏃🏻‍♀️I love when activities can start out set in place and then transition into some completely engaging independent play ❤️Of course some water gets on the floor – you can put a towel under this to contain it – OR you can roll with it like me and call it as close to mopping as will happen on a Friday 😂Happy Weekend to All🎉

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Penasta pekarna

Imate doma tekoče milo in nekaj pripomočkov za peko? Potem imate vse, kar potrebujete za super zabavno aktivnost. In naj vas ne skrbi, če nekaj pene pade na tla. Saj je samo milo.

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🎉BUBBLE FOAM BAKING 🎉 Oh sweet bubble foam – you little game changer you 😍 Bubble Foam is a little trick I picked up from my friend Asia @funathomewithkids (she's one of the OG activities bloggers) 🙌🏻 I actually stumbled on her post BEFORE I started Busy Toddler and making bubble foam for a then 21 month old Sam was a life changing day for us 🎉 We do it so much now – it's hard to remember a time before bubble foam 😂 Ready for how easy it is? It's just tear free body wash + water 💦 THAT'S IT ‼️ I made two batches for this activity (one red, one yellow) and each was made from 1 cup of body wash/bubble bath plus 1/2 cup water and some optional squirts of optional food dye ❤️ Mix it with a hand mixer under "stiff peaks" form 🏔 Think British Bake Off and homemade whipping cream – you want stiff peaks here 😉 It is really amazing was a hand mixer will do to bubble bath 😱 The texture and consistency is so cool 👍🏻 I decided for this round of bubble foam fun to put in a whole bunch of baking supplies for the kids to get their dramatic play on 🥄🧂🍽 Bubble foam doesn't last forever…30-45 minutes of play but you can "remix" it and the peaks will come back 🌋 What I love about this is that while it's messy play, it's also just soap and water so arguably the cleanest messy play around 🤣 "Oh no, don't get any of that soap and water on my floor….. what will I do?” 🤣🤣 Oh bubble foam 🎉What would I do without you? 🎉

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Lovimo jabolka

Potrebujete veliko plastično posodo, ki jo napolnite z vodo in notri stresete jabolka. Če nimate jabolk lahko uporabite tudi limone ali karkoli drugega okroglega, kar se lahko zmoči. Zraven postavite pekač za muffine in otroka opremite s kleščami za žar. Med lovljenjem sadja in zlaganjem v pekač se boste zabavali vsi. Lahko pa priredite tudi tekmovanje. Kdo bo v najkrajšem času zložil vsa jabolka v pekač?

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🍏 BOBBING FOR APPLES 🍎 Action word —> GRIP 💪 Let’s talk… 🗣 Do you know what? You’re NOT the only mom or dad in the world who struggles to take care of your kiddos while taking care of 💫ALL THE THINGS💫 like: paying the bills, cleaning up, and trying to find a last minute costume for yourself. 🤔Psst… just go as a tired parent. 🧟‍♀️It’ll be fine. 🤪😂But, seriously, we all need a few tricks up our sleeves to keep the sanity in our homes so that we can get a few things done without turning on the tv to pacify our kids (it’s okay, I totally do it too!!). But, this? 👉This activity is not only on point with Fall, but it’s also so easy that you could set it up now and get something like the dishes cleaned. 😳Win/win!🙌 . HOW TO: 1️⃣Fill a bin with some water. Add apples (or lemons, limes, whatever you have on hand). 2️⃣Balance a muffin tin on the bin – we found that ours fits PERFECTLY on the corner! 3️⃣And let your little one *grip* the apples with tongs or ditch the tongs for another tool like a pasta spoon. 👍👍👍 . This not only works those little hands, but also crosses the midline, works on hand-eye-coordination, and gives you five minutes to plan that costume for yourself. 🦹‍♀️Easy peasy, but SUPER engaging. And, all my kids walked away eating an apple for snack so…. double parenting win! 🍏 🙌🙌 Happy *almost* Halloween! Hears to staying sane 🤪😘

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Iščemo pare

Iskanje parov je enkratna izobraževalna aktivnost za vašega malčka. Zlaganje nogavic za vas morda ni ravno zabavno opravilo, zato lahko to namesto vas opravi otrok. Z lepilnim trakom na tleh naredite mrežo in v vsak kvadrat po eno nogavico.

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GIANT SOCK MATCH 🧦 For years now, I’ve been holding on to all those tiny newborn socks. On Saturday I was finally ready to swoop them all up and find their matches. 💪🏼 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• As I dove into that giant heap of socks, I noticed Will wanting to help. 😅The problem was that there were just TOO many socks for him to be able to pick out the matches. 🤦🏼‍♀️My two-year-old found himself quickly becoming distracted by jumping into the pile and seeing just how far each one can stretch. 👦🏼His mind couldn’t focus on finding socks that looked alike even though his interest to help was there. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Then it hit me. 💡 What if we took the idea of finding the matching pair of socks, and scaled it down for his brain to process and problem solve? And that is when the magic happened. 🌈 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Last night we set this up together on IG stories for our #breakfastinvitation Sunday Night Setup. It will be there until 7:30 EST tonight, or you can catch it always at ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• In the meantime, head over to stories to see what YOU ALL used for this hands-on matching game! Hint: it’s not all socks!✌🏻#learningthroughplay

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Napišimo pismo

Marsikdo že zelo dolgo ni videl starih staršev ali obiskal prijateljev. Pošljimo jim pismo. Otrok naj nariše risbo za določeno osebo (lahko tudi več), potem pa ga vprašajte, kaj bi mu želel sporočiti. Njegov citat zapišite na papir, ga dajte v ovojnico in shranite. Verjemite mi, ko boste to pismo prebrali čez nekaj let, vas bo zagotovo spravilo v dobro voljo.

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HAPPY MAIL FOR GRANDPARENTS ✨ Anyone else have kiddos who are missing their grandparents right now? Or are your own grandparents not able to see each other currently? Mine are in two different care facilities due to different levels of needs, but my Grandpa rides his motorized scooter to visit my grandma every day and right now both of their facilities are on lockdown so they don’t get to see each other at all. 😭💔😭 Heartbreaking, right?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ So today we made some happy mail for my grandma and grandpa in different care facilities – and for all of our other grandparents too. 🥰⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Our little set-up included:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🖊 markers⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🖍 pencil crayons⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🗒 drawing paper⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 🏷 coloured card stock⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✉️ different types of envelopes⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✏️ a pencil and eraser⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ✂️ scissors⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 💖 little cue cards each with a grandparent’s name written on it⁣ ⁣⁣ And then I basically let the kids to it. They were very into me drawing them “colouring pages”, so we did a lot of those, making sure to sign their names and add the year onto each piece. I’ll write a quick little note to include with each and then tomorrow we’ll drop them off in the mailbox. ❤️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Do you have grands – or anyone else who might appreciate a little happy mail at the moment? 💌

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Kopel za igračo

Vodne aktivnosti so vedno še posebej zabavne. Naj otrok okopa dojenčka lutko v peneči kopeli in ga pripravi za spanje.

Prispevek je nastal po izvirniku, ki ga je objavila ameriška izdaja Aleteie. Prevedla in priredila Barbara Oprčkal.

web 3 martin golob

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Martin Golob v karanteni zasut s pismi, prispejo tudi kisle kumarice in marmelada


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Video očeta in hčerke iz karantene, ki vas ne bo pustil ravnodušnih

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